Sunday, August 30, 2009

Police at Climate Camp London 2009

It was bizzare not to have tonnes of riot cops at the Camp this week- obviously their violence being caught on camera and broadcast to the world made a difference.

The police they did send to liase with the camp were so smarmy that it was a bit sickening listening to the silver commander- Chief Superintendent Julia Pendry squeaking about her astonishment that you can get Vegan biscuits.

Her £50,000+ salary ensured that she was the perfect face of the Police Force. Perfect make up and nails, crisp uniform and always willing to talk or have tea with activists.
But when the Camp refused to let her or any other police on site, in an interview we filmed, she stated-

'I am not going to be goaded or intimidated by climate camp. If you think about the energy you could put into sustainable living and education rather than trying to intimidate and goad the Police, you would be a really successful camp.By not letting Police on site, the campers missed an opportunity to educate the Police 'community'.

Now from what i saw- it was a very successful camp without the Police and if they want educating- they can go to the cinema.As part of the ongoing local outreach, there will be a showing of 'Climate Camp Uncovered', a premiere screening of a documentary of the Camp so far, at Ritzy Cinema, Brixton Oval, Brixton at 2.00 - 3.00pm on Bank Holiday Monday 31st August.