Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Inspiring stories wanted

Now in our seventh year, we’re going stronger than ever here at Post Carbon
Institute. During the course of those years, we’ve been continually amazed
at the progress and changes made in lives, homes, at schools, at work and in
political arenas by people like you. Your efforts have given us great cause
for optimism.

_We’d like to hear more about what you’re doing._ As you may know, our
Senior Fellow, [2]Richard Heinberg, is widely recognized as one of the
world’s foremost educators on the perils of a global oil economy. Right now,
Richard is starting his next book about how individuals and communities can
build resilience in the face of uncertainty and rapid change caused by
economic collapse, peak oil, climate change, and other crises. In short,
this book is about you. So, you see, Richard wants to hear your stories; the
stories of what individuals, families and communities are doing to
transition to a post-carbon world.

[3]Please contact us with your stories.

Tell us about your inspirational efforts, or maybe about those of someone
you know. Are there any businesses, communities, or families who inspire
you? Not only is Richard looking to illuminate these efforts in his new
book, but we’d love to feature them on our soon-to-launch, brand spanking
new website.

While we hate deadlines, publishers seem to derive great joy in imposing
them. Meaning we have to your stories by September 18, 2009.

e-mail us at: [4]