Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Funding for community groups

The Baring Foundation - arts and older people
The Baring Foundation is to launch a new funding programme in October 2009 to
support arts organisations in the UK working with older people. The programme will
last for five years and will be worth £3 million overall. The new arts and older
people programme will invite applications through five annual application rounds.
Grants will be for core costs to arts organisations in the UK working with older

Currently the Foundation is in the process of producing a mapping report looking at
current practice in the field of arts and older people with a view to publishing the
report in September 2009. If you work for an arts organisation that works with older
people the Baring Foundation is keen to hear from you now, not with an application
but simply to know you are there and where you operate. You should email your
details to David Cutler, Director, The Baring Foundation, email

(Source: fundinginformation.org, 15 July 09)

Bernard Sunley Charitable Foundation
The Foundation awards grants to a variety of categories including: education; youth;
community; environment/conservation; health and welfare. Generally grants awarded
will range from between £200 and £5,000. Grants will only be made to registered
charities including schools in the UK. There is no application form - all
submissions should be made in the form of a covering letter to the Director. Further
details are available from Bernard Sunley Charitable Foundation, 20 Berkley Square,
London W1J 6LH. Tel: 020 7408 2198, fax: 020 7499 5859, email

Cash 4 Clubs

Cash 4 Clubs:
, a provider of small grants to community sports clubs, has extended its remit and
will now cover the whole of the UK. The first applications are now being invited
from grassroots sports organisations that need a grant of up to £1,000 to improve
facilities, purchase new equipment, pay for coaching or develop the club's
sustainability in one way or another.

There are three tiers of grants: £250, £500 and £1000. Applications are invited from
any sports club within the UK that is registered with their national governing body
or local authority. Any sport is covered, and the guidelines are open ended. There
are no age restrictions or age-related targets; the main objective is that your club
should actively serve your local community. You are encouraged to apply for anything
that you need to make your club more successful. Applications are accepted at any
time and will be discussed at grant making meetings that take place every three
months or so.
(Source: fundinginformation.org, 1 July 09)

The Brecon Beacons Trust
The Brecon Beacons Trust is a charitable company established to help people,
communities and voluntary organisations achieve positive environmental conservation
and enhancement within the Brecon Beacons National Park. The Trust was established
in 2009 with initial funding from the National Grid. The Trust supports:
environmental conservation, protection and improvement of the Park for the benefit
of the public; greater educational awareness and knowledge of the conservation,
protection and improvement of the Park's physical, natural and archaeological
environment. The Trustees believe that a resilient, healthy and diverse environment
is the essential foundation on which a thriving society and economy are built. They
subscribe to the principles of sustainable development while recognising that we are
all still exploring what sustainability means in practice at all levels of society.

The Brecon Beacons Trust sees its role as enabling local communities and voluntary
organisations, living and operating within the area of the Brecon Beacons National
Park, to positively conserve and enhance their local environments so as to
contribute to the overall quality of life for people who live, work in or visit the

In achieving its own objectives the Trust wishes to contribute to the purposes for
which National Parks were established ie to conserve and enhance the natural beauty,
wildlife and cultural heritage of the National Parks; to promote opportunities for
the understanding and enjoyment of the special qualities of the Parks by the public;
and additionally, to help foster the economic and social well being of the
communities within their areas.

Further details are available from Alan Underwood, Trust Secretary, Brecon Beacons
Trust, 'The Orchids', Blaenavon Road, Govilon, Abergavenny NP7 9NY. Tel 01873
832490, email

Elephant Trust
The fourth 2009 round for submission of applications to the
Elephant Trust:
is now open. Grants are available to artists, small organisations and galleries
within the UK. The Trust's aim is to make it possible for artists and those
presenting their work to undertake and complete projects when frustrated by lack of
funds. The Trust supports projects that develop and improve the knowledge,
understanding and appreciation of the fine arts. The deadline for submission of
applications is 21 September 2009.

Learning Launchpad Fund
The aim of the
Learning Launchpad Fund:
is to help create lasting projects that support young people between the ages of 14
and 25 to discover their potential, pursue their goals and achieve their dreams.
Launchpad is looking for ideas that help young people reach beyond academic paths
to success, encourage learning-by-doing, and develop their non-cognitive 'soft'
skills through real-world experience. Therefore, it seeks to support projects that
do not have traditional academic learning routes as their focus. The 2009
application deadlines for the Fund have changed and the current Round Two deadline
has been extended to 15 July. The Round Three deadline has moved forward to 24
November 2009.