Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Court rules that Vesta workers can be evicted immediately

The court has just ruled this morning that Bailiffs are free to enter the factory to evict the striking workers from the Vesta factory.

Activists including the band Seize the Day have spent the entire night on the roof of the factory in solidarity with the workers.

The workers are intent of resisting the eviction and have called for support from around the UK. Bailiffs are rumored to be on the island preparing for the eviction which could happen in the next 24hours.

The Vesta workers said
'We are seeking the urgent intervention of environment secretary Ed Miliband to save the Vestas wind turbine factory. We know he is committed to promoting green energy, but people will find it difficult to understand that just as the government has recently set out its low-carbon transition plans to tackle climate change, England’s only large wind turbine manufacturing plant is scheduled to close. Ed Miliband has said he is committed to consulting people up until the Copenhagen climate change summit in December and that, in this context, “it isn’t just about world leaders, but about real people affected by huge changes who need to make their voices heard”. We would now urge him to listen to the voices of the Vestas workers. Here are 625 people who not only want to protect their jobs, but also protect England’s wind-power industry.

The loss of jobs at Vestas will not only have a devastating impact on the Isle of Wight, even more so at a time of recession, it will also mean an almost criminal loss of expertise and jobs that are vital to fighting climate change. We believe that with the political will, even at this late stage, there is still time to take positive action to explore all the options that are available to save the production of wind turbines at the site and secure jobs for the future.'

Vesta Workers