Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Women and erotic films

The "JOY AWARD" is short film competition for female filmmakers. The topic
is: "What is erotic to you?" From animation to documentary, music video or
experimental vignette - any genres are allowed. The maximum duration: five
minutes. The deadline is: 15/09/09.

This unique competition is the brainchild of Petra Joy who is a pioneering
erotic filmmaker. Petra and the jury are after films that show sexuality
from a female perspective in creative and artistic ways. You can be as soft
and explicit as you like we want to know what you find erotic. Petra
says: "We are not after technical perfection but a fresh look at eroticism
through female eyes. Even a clip shot on a mobile phone has got chances if
it is innovative and exciting..."

The three best films will be shown at the erotic film festival in Berlin
in October and will receive cash prizes (the best film wins 800!) and
have the chance to be published by Petra Joy on an upcoming compilation if
interested. More info here: www.joyawards.com,

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