Friday, July 31, 2009

Security Firms response over Big Green Gathering

In trying to get to the bottom of the BGG cancellation, I got this response from the security firm at the heart of the equation.

Stuart Security
Stuart Leisure Security
THE leisure security company


I am afraid you have been somewhat misled over this issue by the
directors of the BGG.

To set the background we were owed a substantial amount of money by the
BGG from the 2007 event which they said they were unable to pay us
despite paying all the other security / stewarding organisations
involved fully.

They asked us for a couple of months to pay which we agreed and then
endured a convulted 18 months or so of excuses and reasons they couldn't
pay and received our money in dribs and drabs until finally being paid
up in February of this year. This was a case of us having to chase for
every penny and part payment not one of the BGG keeping us informed of
what was going on.

As a result of this I made it quite clear that any deal regarding the
2009 festival would be a non - negotiable full up front payment for any
work done and this was acknowledged and fully understood by the BGG - in
fact Brig said several times that he didn't blame us for our stance
under the circumstances.

At a meeting in early June (the first time we could tie Steve Muggings
down to a meeting) I repeated these terms and he agreed - Alex
Leppingwell and Dick Sheppard were present and agreed the same terms.

The nominal date for payment was the 15th July - I spoke to Steve
Muggins on the phone 2 weeks prior to this to remind him, and as of that
date nothing had arrived. We tried to contact Brig several time over the
next 2 days without success until he finally rang back and said he was
at the bank trying to arrange a loan! We finally had to tell the Police
and local authority of the situation as they were ringing every day
asking what was happening.

Around the 20th July Brig rang my manager Steve Mac and said to him that
if we dropped our price by £5000 and waited for half our money until
after the event we would be awarded the contract - if not they would
replace us with one of 2 other security companies that they had
negotiated deals with. Obviously we were gobsmacked at this attempt to
renegotiate terms so late in the day especially under the circumstances
and so refused this offer.

So to summarise - I feel that the BGG had at least 6 months warning of
our terms and our prices - they could have used any one of a number of
other security companies ( 4 or 5 of which work at Glastonbury ) that
would have been quite acceptable to the Police and Local Authority. I
know that several other organisations demanded the same payment terms so
it was not just us and under the circumstances of having to wait nearly
2 years for payment last time do not think that this was unjustified.
Hope this clarifies the situation.


Bill Stuart

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