Monday, July 13, 2009

Newspapers spying

This is how the newspapers works it seems

Robert Preston of BBC-
I have learned that the News of the World was apparently eavesdropping on the phone messages of Rebekah Wade, who at the time was the editor of its sister paper, the Sun (she still is - although she will soon become chief executive of the Sun's parent, News International).

Rebekah WadeShe was one of 75 individuals identified by police as having their phone messages monitored by the private investigator, Glenn Mulcaire - who was jailed in 2007 for phone hacking, together with Clive Goodman, the News of the World's royal reporter.

The police informed her that she was on Mulcaire's list of those whose mobile-phone voicemails were being tracked and was asked whether she wanted to press charges. She declined.

It's not unusual for newspapers to spy on each other, even newspapers within the same organisation. read more

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