Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Herzog Film comp

Taking inspiration from the director's filmmaking spirit his fascination
with the natural world and the obsessive, intrepid individuals who venture
into it we want Shooters to bring their vision of man's relationship with
nature to the screen. The brief is open and we hope you will explore this
idea with originality and creativity your focus may be the emergence of
nature in the urban environment, the story of misadventure in the
countryside, or extreme encounters between man and beast.

The film can be a self-contained short or an extract from a longer film.
It can be shot brand new for this competition or it can be clipped or
remixed from a film you made previously. It can be any genre not just
documentary but fiction or hybrid. It can be a personal film with your own
voiceover or not. It can be live action or animation or both.

The winning film, as chosen by Herzog, will be screened prior to his
documentary Encounters at the End of the World at the Barbican on Sunday 27
September 2009. The film is part of the Werner Herzog Directorspective
which will be running 12-27 September 2009. Revolver Entertainment will be
releasing Encounters on DVD on 31 August.

Emerging as a strong voice of the German new wave, Werner Herzog's
singular and ambitious filmmaking has made him one of the most distinctive
auteurs of his generation. His fascination with the natural world has
brought some remarkable narratives and environments to the screen. We hope
Herzog's filmmaking spirit will inspire Shooters to do something similar.

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