Monday, July 27, 2009

Chair of the Big Green Gathering about closure

In Red Pepper magazine Brig Oubridge, Chair of the Big Green Gathering, wrote about how the Police were forcing the end of outdoor festivals in the UK

He wrote
'The licensing process this year has been a nightmare. The costs of satisfying the security concerns of over £200,000 were forced on us just a few weeks before the event. We had set the ticket price the previous November on the assumption costs would be no more than £100,000. A figure considered adequate because of our good record on health and safety and the recommendation by the previous police inspector that the Big Green Gathering did not needed policing. Sadly, this year we have a new police inspector with a completely different attitude. He seems to have absorbed the antiterrorist vocabulary, with an often-repeated insistence on the need for us to "target-harden" our event. Demanding additional security measures, including extra security patrols, watchtowers and steel shield fencing'
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