Monday, June 08, 2009

TV makers switch footage to tell different story

If you like the other 8m of us watching the Apprentice then it won't come as a surprise that the producers of TV have lied in making it.

The 27-year-old winner told BBC News she had "made a complete fool" of herself when grilled by Claude Litner as part of a series of interviews for the episode.

On the show, she seemed to tell fellow contestants it had gone well, but those comments came after another interview.

"They cut the wrong exit which was really, really unfair," said Siadatan.
"I've had an apology so that's fine," she added.

The show's production company Talkback Thames said in a statement that Siadatan accepted there was no deliberate attempt to misrepresent her.

I recall the BBC doing the same thing to the miners during the strikes. They switched the edit to show miners attacking police rather than showing the truth of Police attacking miners and the miners defending themselves

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