Thursday, June 04, 2009

Ecohouse tours in Wales

Monthly Eco-house Tours 10 – 4
June 14 2009
The tour is around Cilgwyn, although the first stop is the other side of Newport.
We drive from the first stop in convoy, to the next stop where we have coffee, there are convenient loos here and at the third stop, then it's a long walk. Remember to bring what you need out of the car at the second stop.

In case of lateness the second stop is about 11.10 am and it's 'Constant', SA420QR, ph. 01239 820839. However it is strongly recommended not to miss the first stop which is with a very knowledgeable architect with a passive house building. Bring your questions, usually costs a lot to get this sort of information.

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1st Stop:
Danygarn, Mountain west,
Newport, Pembrokeshire SA42 0QX
01239 821150

To get there:
From A487 (Fishguard – Newport road)
On the outskirts of Newport from Fishguard direction, turn R into
Ffordd Bedd Morris. (watch out for EcoTour signs).
The road forks after a mile or so, follow the main part of the road to the left. Danygarn is the second house on the left after the fork. Satnavs have led people astray.
Tour content:

Julian Bishop architect: Passive house standard office

Constant: Ground source heat pump, under-floor heating, local species hardwood interior., solar hot water, extended family lifestyle.

Fachongle Isaf: Wind turbine, solar pv for outdoors, reed-bed sewage treatment, electric bikes, solar hot water panels, efficient wood heat equipment, wood management. Neighbourhood living in shared houses, shared vegetable growing.

Round houses, low impact, off-grid, home-made for peanuts, different lifestyle. Eat our lunch here.

Brithdir Mawr house: Community living off-grid, all the renewables including hydro, working in synchronised fashion. Talk on lifestyle and carbon impacts.

Cilfair: Lime and traditional conversion, Efficient wood range, solar panels etc. Tea and relax.

Vicky – 01239 820971

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