Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Alternative Parliament for the Climate Emergency

Climate Emergency Parliament, Outside Parliament, Wednesday 15th July at 6.00 pm

Join the Online Alternative Parliament for the Climate Emergency

Submit your Climate Emergency Measures:

Go to

Measures to reduce the UK Greenhouse gases by 10% by the end of 2010
Measures we need to take now to put in train longer term deep emission cuts

We’re looking for arguments for Green Jobs, an emergency insulation program, banning
all domestic flights by the end of 2010, a 55 mph national speed limit, halving the
cost of public transport, terminating the roads program or your suggestions on how
to reduce emissions fast.

Give us your views and expertise: we will select best submissions for presentation
to the Climate Emergency Parliament on the 15th July. Also you can vote for what
you think is the best of other peoples submissions.

The current parliament is not facing up to the climate emergency and there is still
a huge gap between what the science is telling us we need to do ….and what
politicians are willing to do. Tell the politicians what they need to do !

And add your voice to the demand for radical action now – we should not just be on
the defensive saying ‘no’ to airports, new coal, road building etc.. etc.. we should
be pushing forward our own positive agenda for real solutions to the climate crisis

We in the UK cannot deal with this problem on our own but our best chance of
influencing the critical international Climate Talks in Copenhagen at the end of the
year is by committing to really radical measures here in the UK in order to lead in
the only effective way we can :by example. And the time to do that is RIGHT NOW

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