Monday, May 04, 2009

Will the internet destroy the planet?

YouTube — now the world's third-biggest website, but one that requires a heavy subsidy from Google, its owner. Although the site's financial details are kept under wraps, a recent analysis by Credit Suisse suggested that it could lose as much as $470m (£317m) this year, as it succumbs to the high price of delivering power-intensive videos over the internet.

And while the demand for electricity is a primary concern, a secondary result of the explosion of internet use is that the computer industry's carbon debt is increasing drastically. From having a relatively small impact just a few years ago, it is now leapfrogging other sectors like the airline industry that are more widely known for their negative environmental more

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Anonymous said...

This is bad journalism, the loss is from bandwidth not electricity, and the electrical costs for internet are tiny compared to the hotel industry - or just about any other industry... fad journalism is bad journalism.