Friday, May 01, 2009

Police halt alternative media gathering

Police turned up at 4am this morning and evicted everyone from our alternative media gathering. Hosted by visionontv and undercurrents, the cops are evicting the squatted islanders on the Thames. An Undercurrents reporter is on the roof filming the evictions.

Police stormed Ravens Ait island arriving in black zodiac inflatables.They were wearing helmets, balaclavas, and flakjackets, and carried sidearms. Overhead a low flying helicopter used thermal imaging to locate the approximately 20 residents who were sleeping at the time. The commandos kicked down doors and took people outside and off the island. The entrance to the tunnel and treehouse were guarded and nobody was in them at the time.Most people left, but a few resisted eviction and were arrested.
By 7.30am all residents were off the island, but lots of their posessions are still on the island and at least 50 more regular Kingston police have since arrived and are currently on the island.

The former residents and their supporters are currently on the Surbiton riverbank in good spirits enjoying the sunshine, and request more supporters to join them to show local and national news crews how much support they have for their eco community centre plans.

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