Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Indie Screenings' film distribution model launches

Revolutionary 'Indie Screenings' film distribution model launches with climate blockbuster 'The Age of Stupid'

Spanner Films announces the launch of a pioneering film distribution
model, "Indie Screenings", which allows anyone to buy a license to
screen selected independent films whenever and wherever they like -
and, crucially, to charge for tickets and keep the profits. The new
software, which was developed by Torchbox, calculates a bespoke
license fee, depending on various factors including who/where/when
the user intends to screen. For example, a local campaign group will
pay about £60 to screen in their church hall, whereas a multinational
oil company screening to 5,000 staff would pay around £10,000.
Speakers can also be booked through the system. Indie Screenings
launches with Franny Armstrong's climate blockbuster, The Age of
Stupid. Other films will join the roster later in the year.

The website opened on May 1st and an impressive 48 UK screenings have
already been booked, totalling £5,234.85. Many of these bookings came
through local sections of The Age of Stupid's supporter groups,
including Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, WWF and Stop Climate
Chaos (the climate coalition representing 11 million people). Outside
the UK, more than 700 screening requests have already been received
for The Age of Stupid, from Tuvalu to Tennessee and from Antarctica
to Alaska. Global Indie Screenings will launch later in the year.

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