Friday, May 15, 2009


a film by Virna Molina and Ernesto Ardito

Original Title: Corazón de Fábrica / English Title: Heart of the
Factory / Category: Documentary


"We didn't work for a living, we lived to work," sighs a woman in
reference to her employment history. Luckily things are different now.
The employees of Zanon, a tile factory in the northwest of Argentina,
have been in control ever since the director declared the company
bankrupt in 2001. For the time being, things are going well for the
new Zanon; there's even been some new job creation. The key idea is
the word compañero, which stands for collegiality, solidarity and a
fair distribution of work and income.

In the midst of the production process and in measured tone, the
compañeros discuss the direction of the company their company. It's
no easy task keeping things on track in a political and economic
climate that isn't crazy about the workers' control. With support from
the local population, the employees have managed to withstand various
attempts at eviction. Nevertheless, the biggest threat would appear to
come from within: the self-determination they have obtained has
increased their personal responsibility. But that demands a persistent
and productive fundamental attitude. The age-old tradition of
heavy-handed repression and shameless corruption that Argentina is
famous for can't be wiped away in just a few years. But the fire of
change is burning strong enough, just as the factory ovens have never
stopped burning.
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