Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Undercurrents film maker wins award

I won an award in Tokyo but my award went AWOL to the Netherlands before getting to me
This is what JVC say about it

JVC Professional announce Grand Prize winners at film festival
Since 1978, JVC has held the Annual Tokyo Video Festival which attracts thousands of entries from across the globe. Strongly supporting the creation and development of video culture, JVC strives to invite both individuals and groups, professional and amateur, of any nationality, age and gender to produce a 20 minute film.

Among the entrants was UK based producer, Paul O’Connor, whose film Climate Cycle was met with rave reviews. O’Connor, who was featured in the winter 2008/09 issue of HIGHWAY, has produced videos which reflect UK based culture using JVC equipment.

The 31st Annual Tokyo Video Festival announced 100 winners from the 2,231 entries, with the Video Grand Prize to Melanie – Ich gehe meinen Weg (Melanie - I’m Going My Own Way) and the JVC Grand Prize to The Way We Walk along Together.

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