Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Not Stupid

Franny Armstrong tells me of her latest infiltration of the Government of her film The Age of Stupid.

Meanwhile, we've also started infiltrating UK politics, with our first
official mention in the House of Commons....
Sarah Teather MP said "If Honorable Members have not seen the film, I
strongly recommend that they go and see it. As the G20 meets today,
having bumped climate change off the agenda, I cannot help but think
that we almost certainly do live in the age of stupid. Not only has
the G20 bumped climate change from the agenda, with the decision to
look at it at the Copenhagen conference later this year, but it will
have failed—at least I expect that it will have failed; we await the
Chancellor’s statement later this afternoon—to link the fiscal
stimulus that so many countries are arguing for with the green
economy. That most certainly is a very stupid thing indeed. "

.... and a motion (whatever that may be) in the Scottish Parliament
"That the Parliament welcomes the successful screening of the film,
The Age of Stupid, which has just come to the end of its run at the
Filmhouse cinema in Edinburgh; notes the inspirational and sobering
message of the film; hopes that this will encourage people to leave
the cinema and take action against climate change; is pleased that the
film has been granted permission to screen at the Cameo cinema in
Edinburgh from 15 May 2009; supports the future success of the film,
and notes that further information about the film including a trailer
can be found at www.ageofstupid.net."

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