Monday, April 27, 2009

Girls on Film

The Real World scheme is a genuinely collaborative scheme where filmmakers
and academics learn from each other, and make films outside of the
structures of television and NGO's. Filmmakers get given access to stories
and characters from the Pathways of Women's Empowerment, an International
Research and Communications programme made up of activists and academics
working to understand and bring about positive change in women's everyday
lives. There is an advanced development process for several filmmakers,
organised by the Screen South / UK Film Council, and 2 people may go on
recci before one filmmaker is given 17k to go and make their films. You'll
need to conceive and produce a 20 minute narrative driven
film, and a 3
minute and 30 second film to be distributed in different ways.

The application deadline is 12pm on 5th June 2009. In order to apply you
must submit a one page visual treatment about one of the proposed ideas,
along with your showreel, CV, application form and proof of address. The
proposed topics are women watching TV in Bangladesh, how the law in Egypt
can be be used as tool for reform for women and women and the work they do
across several cultures. You can find out more detailed information on the
guidelines, which you can download along with the application form from
Screen South:

(In order to apply you must be a filmmaker, or working with a producer,
based in the Screen South region, and have previously made a film screened
at a festival.)

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