Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Films wanted about Renewable Energy and Climate Change”

Film series on “Renewable Energy and Climate Change”

ECOMOVE International, a non-profit organization promoting environmental media, has
launched an educational project on “Renewable Energy and Climate Change”. Within the
framework of this project, whose purpose is environmental education at schools,
ECOMOVE is requesting filmmakers, producers and TV stations in Germany and abroad to
submit relevant film and TV productions. An independent jury of experts will
appraise and select appropriate productions for educational purposes. The film
series (in DVD format) will be provided to teachers along with educational
background material. The project is being funded by the German Environment Ministry.

The films could be of different formats and genres (e.g. documentary, TV report,
feature film, animation, etc.). We would be very grateful if you could support our
project by providing/suggesting relevant productions by yourselves or others from
the past three years.

We are particularly interested in entries on the following topics:

* Using renewable forms of energy in the interests of sustainable energy supply
(technical potential of renewable energy sources, political action to promote
renewable energy, obstacles and limits, etc.)
* Positive examples of renewable energy use (best practice)
* Climate change and the effects on man and the environment
* Possible ways of preventing and/or adapting to climate change
In addition to this specific project, ECOMOVE is continuously looking for TV and
film productions on subjects related to the environment (e.g. environmental effects
of globalisation, utilisation/exploitation of natural resources and related
conflicts, consumption/food/health, genetic engineering).

We would be very grateful for films and recommendations that belong in any of the
above categories! Please send a preview copy of the film on DVD to the address given
below by 30 May 2009 at the latest.
ECOMOVE International
Office Hamburg
Max-Brauer-Allee 277
22769 Hamburg
Fon: ++49.40.43213555
Fax: ++49.40.41359282

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