Thursday, March 19, 2009

Want to be in a film?

These guys are filming a short no budget film next weekend, part of it has already been filmed in Pakistan.

They say-
'Checkpost' directed by Aneel Ahmad and produced by myself has been partly
filmed in Lahore last October and tells the story of a 'fictional
documentary filmmakers assassination' in Pakistan and the international
media reaction to this story, which in the wake of current events out there
is very relevant.

We are currently filming the UK section of the film outside Greater
Manchester Police Headquarters and due to film Studio News Anchor with BBC
News Anchors.

I need people to come along and stand in for News Crews and journalists to
attend a Press Conference where Kate, the girlfriend of the fictional
assassinated filmmaker will make a Plea along with a detective from Greater
Manchester Police for the capture of his attackers.

If you can make it and think you would like to be involved with this
project which will receive good exposure and be sent to film festivals
worldwide, please get in touch.

We are looking for:

Camera Crew with own cameras.
Photographers with own SLR cameras
Journalists with notepads who can ask questions. to our panels.

Guarantees to be a fun shoot and we will provide snacks and of course an
invite to the premiere.

This film is the second of four different shorts to be produced by our
team this year. We are looking to expand our network of talent and people
we can work with to produce high quality visual stories that comment on the
world we live in.

We will be filming the Press Conference in Salford (Greater Manchester) on
Saturday 21st March. Don't hesitate to contact me if you are interested in
this project. ...

This is unpaid project due to the nature of this film as foot on the
ladder to bigger and paid projects in the future, we are looking for like
minded people to come along and give their time and passion voluntarily of
what will be a great interactive performance that will be well worth being
part of.

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