Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Happy Television!

BBC Wales seek Happy Contemporary Documentaries

Transmission: Autumn 2009
Channel and Time: BBC One 10.35pm
Guide Price: £40/£60k per Hour
Deadline: 16th March 2009

This commission is open to both in-house and independent producers.

For this slot we are looking for compelling documentary subjects that will offer a
timely view on an aspect of life in Wales. While we are open to ideas from the more
serious end of the spectrum, our priority for this series is to bring some warmth
and humour into our schedule. Contemporary documentaries are all too often confined
to darker subjects and can offer a rather humourless view of life. We are
particularly interested in ideas that will be made with a lighter touch and leave
our audience with a smile.

This will inevitably be a largely character-driven series and the key contributors
should be strong, engaging, and memorable. However, there needs to be an overall
narrative to the series which develops and resolves over the course of the
programmes. The series will almost certainly be filmed over an extended period and
be largely observational in style. We are not looking for a series of stand-alone
profiles or for formatted ideas.

The series must be set in Wales and focus on a contemporary phenomenon, place, group
of people or institution. The focus of your idea may not be overtly humorous or even
obvious subject matter for a documentary series, but as series such as BBC TWO’s
Meet the Armstrongs have demonstrated, the right personalities, producer and access
can be very entertaining. Passionate people doing unexpected things is also a good

We are keen to commission an idea that will be especially attractive to the 30-45
age range.

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green granny said...

Oh quite interested until I saw the age-ist comment
from the green granny x

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