Thursday, January 01, 2009

TSG Cop Jailed for crashing stolen riot van

A cop from the most brutal gang within the Met Police had a bizzare court case.

He stole a cop van while drunk and crashed it.

The front offside wheel collided with the road's central reservation, Ms Scheer said, and came off the van.

Jackson drove for a further kilometre before stopping the van. He twice attempted to restart the engine.He then turned off the interior lights and fell asleep in the back of the van – meaning police officers called to the scene could not spot him.

CCTV footage at the police station proved Jackson had taken the vehicle.
But he was not found for a further five hours – after the van had been towed to a nearby garage.Jackson was breathalysed and found to have a reading of 49 mg of alcohol in his bloodstream.

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