Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Spain wants your films

The Observatory Archives are intentional in nature and organized around specific themes, bringing together material that supports a critique of contemporary culture through different approaches such as video art, independent documentary and mass media archeology.

Although the archives include many different kinds of works, they all share a commitment to free expression, and reflect upon our individual and collective fears and pleasures. Together, they create a multifaceted vision, thousands of small eyes probing and exploring our world and proclaiming other possible worlds. A discourse that values heterogeneity, plurality, contradiction and subjectivity; an antidote to the cloning and repetition of corporate mass media. In the 15 years of OVNI's existence, the Observatory Archives have grown to include more than 2000 projects.

The call for works is open to all themes within the areas of independent documentary, video art and media archaeology. The Observatory Archives thematic areas include these

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