Wednesday, January 28, 2009

No TV since 1978 but still they demand a licence

The television licence enforcers were nothing if not persistent. For five years they pursued 69-year-old Hannah Patricia Humphris with a succession of intimidating missives demanding she buy a licence.
The pursuit culminated with a letter this month threatening her with prosecution and a possible £1,000 fine.
But the TV licensing police had overlooked one crucial fact: Miss Humphris hasn't owned a television since 1978.
She got rid of her TV set that year because it wasn't working properly and, she said, there were no interesting programmes.
Mrs Humphris, from Neath, South Wales, had informed the authorities she did not have a TV when the letters started to mount up.
But they wrote back to say she would be interviewed under caution and could be prosecuted if she was caught watching or recording television programmes.
Miss Humphris described the letter of January 2, which was headed 'Official Warning' as 'intimidating' and 'threatening' more

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