Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Journalists scared to write about Israels war?

Last week I reported a protest against the BBC over Israels invasion of Palestine.
Matt Withers (photo above), the Political Correspondent for Media Wales and a Wales on Sunday columnist made a worrying comment on his blog

He wrote
Protest too much
By Matt Withers on Dec 30, 08 04:35 PM
As I write this, a small but hardy band of pro-Palestine protestors are superglued to the foyer of BBC Wales' HQ in Llandaff, Cardiff. They're protesting, specifically, about three facets of the BBC's coverage of the current offensive in Gaza:
(i) The fact that the BBC refers to Hamas as a terrorist organisation, rather than the democratically-elected government;
(ii) That the Corporation does not prefix every mention of "settlements" with the word "illegal"; and
(iii) That they use the Israelis' favoured term of "Israeli Defence Force" rather than "Israeli Army".
I've been doing this long enough to know it's safest not to comment on Middle Eastern affairs. But I will be watching carefully to see if this protest achieves anything.'

Now his last line of 'it's safest not to comment on Middle Eastern affairs' seems to sum up what the Israeli propaganda machine has done- made it difficult for journos to even have an opinion. Mention Israels killing of children and any journo can expect a deluge of hate emails from Israeli supporters.

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Anonymous said...

It is true. There is a veritable army of pro-Israel types out there who are determined to make your life a misery if you overstep an invisible mark of what they consider acceptable comment or opinion. Tell the truth about Israel's numerous atrocities and war crimes and they will be onto you with phone calls at your home, to the homes of your business partners, a deluge of emails, snail mails, and while some of the people are reasonable and polite if obsessive, others are downright threatening ... indicating that if you do not comply with their demands it will be 'bad for your health' and making it clear that they know your home address. In the case of BBC journalists there will be official complaints, letters to the Governors, strings pulled with senior pro-Israel BBC managers etc. All in all it is simply not worth sticking your nexk out in this way. I know it from personal experience.