Wednesday, December 17, 2008

What am I?

I have been trying to work out what to label myself for years

I am a video activist- using video to either bring about social change or inspire people to get involved in having a say within their own country or community. But it is a bit limiting.

Film maker- sounds too 'hollywood' or people raise eyebrows in that..'oh you make porn do you?' way or they go on about their son, nephew who is making a film about vampires in the Welsh Valleys....yawn.

So how about Factual filmmaker? that has a ring to it that I like. It is clear that i don't do drama or soap operas..

So i am going to try it for a while..Let me through-I am a factual filmmaker!


Anonymous said...

As an activist I look at anyone who makes factual films in one of two ways; activist or journalists.

I've got a lot of respect for activist film makers but I always treat journalists with a huge amount of suspicion, even (especially) the one's who make out to be your friend "have been covering this stuff for years" types.

People who make their living from other people's activism are just parasites really and should be grouped in with cops. Though people who make a few quid doing propaganda for their activism are just cleverly using funds :-)

Paulo @ undercurrents said...

I agree to a point. However we have to be careful about labelling everyone wrongly. I know photographers who aren't strictly activists but their work is invaluable to raise awareness in the mainstream.

Nick Cobbing, Andrew Testa, Guy Smallman and David Hoffman are a few that spring to mind.