Monday, December 01, 2008

Ues music for your film and win an award

ThinkSync Films launches its 4th annual short film competition today and
Shooting People are proud to once again be a media partner.

ThinkSync Films has established itself as bringing together the
independent film and music industries in a unique and innovative way and
after three successful years, it now launches its short film competition
for the fourth time. Fifty tracks drawn from the catalogues of top
independent labels and publishers are all made available to filmmakers from to use in their short films.

Filmmakers are asked to produce a film less than ten minutes long
incorporating only music from the website. The competition is designed to
search out, celebrate and reward creative new independent filmmaking
talent, with particular attention to the role music plays. The music,
detailed rules and FAQ's are all available on the website, along with
previous years' shortlisted films.

The winning film will be decided by a panel of renowned judges, all
experts in their respective fields. Previous judges have included Anton
Corbijn, Nitin Sawhney, Andrew Weatherall, and Miranda Sawyer.

Closing date for entries to the 2009 Competition is 26 June 2009.

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