Sunday, December 07, 2008

Riots in Greece

From the BBC
'Thousands of protesters have attacked banks and shops in Athens and the northern city of Thessaloniki, angered by the police's killing of a teenager.Demonstrators threw firebombs, rocks and other objects at the buildings and at police, who responded with tear gas. '

But watch the footage and the photograph opposite and then ask yourself- Why is the footage only showing from the viewpoint of the Police? This only gives the perspective of the event from the perpetrators (Police- as they did shoot dead a citizen) rather then the victims (the citizens)

Watch more here

The BBC's Malcolm Brabant looks at why student anger has erupted across Greece over Saturday's fatal police shooting of a teenage boy.
A youth clashes with riot police in Athens on 7 December 2008
Young people have been clashing with police in cities across Greece

The riots that have swept Greece for the past two days and look set to continue for the foreseeable future underline why the most important day in the national calendar is "Oxi" or "No" day. read more


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Curt Spang said...

A follow up please...
which side would you want to stand on? The side with citizens that are protesting? They are ALL targets for the jackboots. Whereas the citizens would not target newspeople and probably try to avoid harming them in anyway. Fact is they would be in DANGER any place else as police are cold heartless beast, taking orders like a machine.

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