Monday, December 01, 2008

Open cast Mine on BBC1

Undercurrents images of open cast mine protests was used in Panorama.

Panorama reporter Gerry Northam on his investigation into the government's apparent U-turn on open cast coal mining. With fierce opposition from local communities can open-casting tally with the UK's environmental commitment?
Panorama: Comeback Coal, BBC One Monday 1 December 8.30pm

Shame they didn't credit us tho' for our use of Climate Camp 2008 footage

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Anonymous said...

we thank you for your investigation. We are fighting an open cast application at St Helens. Merseyside. ( Your program has highlighted why the council officers where in favour of the extraction because of the financial implications. But! the committee supported the action group much to their credit. The fight goes on this is the second time the committee have rejected the application ... it is in a rural area that will be seen for miles with houses within a few meters! Your program has highlighted our uphill fight as we where under the impression there was a "Presumption" against open cast mining. Keep us informed of any further develepments and we will do the same!
excellent program.