Tuesday, December 09, 2008

No to ID cards

On Tuesday 25th November, the British state began its rollout of biometric ID cards by imposing them first on migrants. From this date foreign spouses and nationals from outside Fortress Europe who apply for, or renew, study visas will be required to attend a UK Border Agency Centre for interrogation and fingerprinting. They will then be issued with cards which will hold their name, photograph, nationality and immigration status, along with a biometric chip that will hold their finderprints and digital image. The details will be held indefintely on the UK Identity Service database. Over the next three years, other groups of non-EU nationals will be forced to undergo the process.

On Monday evening, NO2ID activists in Leeds expressed their resistance to the scheme with a public burning of a mock ID card. A Liverpool action followed on Tuesday, with a picket, leafletting and a samba band. A No Borders banner drop on one of Newcastle's busiest inner motorways on Tuesday morning alerted commuters to the rollout, whilst Lunar house in Croydon was picketed by No Borders London. Meanwhile in Birmingham a picket of the UK Border Agency in Solihull was met by a disproportionate police presence and in Cardiff there was a picket of over 60 people. Noborders Manchester joined forces with Merseyside activists to protest outside Reliance House in Liverpool.


noborderswales said...

No Borders South Wales will be holding another protest against ID cards on Wednesday 10th December at 12 noon outside the UK border Agency office for Wales and the West at 31-33 Newport Road, Cardiff.

This demonstration coincides with the start of the interrogation and registration students and spouses in this region, which will take place at the UKBA offices.

All the info: http://noborderswales.wordpress.com/tag/id-cards/

If you scroll down you can find video from the Cardiff demo in the 25th if your interested.

Paulo @ undercurrents said...

We would love to get down but we are filming coal mines in Selar today.
But if you have filmed the demo..please produce a short news video and send it to us.

noborderswales said...

Someone did film the demo, a video should appear on the No Borders South Wales blog along with a report in the next few days.