Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Job offer for activist feature film

JOB OFFER: Indefatigable multi-talented creative genius to join Stupid
team for one year. London

We are looking for an immensely hard-working and enormously productive
media whizz to provide a non-stop stream of video, audio, text and
photo content for our websites, mailing lists, press kits and DVD. You
will be working on both the promotion of our new film, "The Age of
Stupid", and on the social action campaign, "Not Stupid", running

"The Age of Stupid" is the upcoming climate blockbuster from McLibel
director Franny Armstrong and Oscar-winning producer John Battsek.
Pete Postlethwaite stars as a man living alone in the devastated world
of 2055, looking back at archive footage from 2008 and asking: why
didn't we stop climate change when we had the chance?

The aim of the "Not Stupid" campaign, which we're running in
partnership with more than 30 NGOs - including Greenpeace, Friends of
the Earth, Stop Climate Chaos, Low Carbon Communities and Plane Stupid
- is to turn 250 million viewers into activists and then focus them on
the UN climate summit in Copenhagen in November 2009, where the future
of our species will be decided.

It promises to be an exhilarating year mixing the excitement - and,
dare we say, glamour - of the film's release, with the rare
opportunity to work on something that may just have an actual effect
on the actual climate. We are looking for someone with 1000%
commitment, motivation and good-humour under pressure.

You will be primarily working from our office in Camden, London,
alongside the other five members of the core team, but will also be
travelling as and when: for the week-long press tour round the UK to
support the film's release in March, to lots of international film
festivals (without flying, of course) and definitely to Copenhagen in
December 09. This month alone we have launched the film at the
Amsterdam film festival (where it was the number 1 most viewed film by
the buyers, out of 450 for sale at the market), plotted with
Greenpeace International on the Rainbow Warrior, screened to the Dutch
Parliament, held a fundraising event with Gillian Anderson (where we
raised 165K for the campaign) and agreed to screen at the EU
parliament. Tomorrow we're heading to Poland to this year's UN climate
summit, where we'll be screening to the delegates and also making
contacts for next year. So never a dull moment.

Required Skills:
- Filming (with Z1): You will be a one-person-team shooting video
blogs, behind-the-scenes at the premiere (hopefully a solar powered
cinema tent on Leicester Square), interviews for the DVD and whatever
other content is needed.
- Editing (on Avid): Then you'll be quickly editing your stuff for our
website, for EPKs, for podcasts, for the DVD etc. You'll know all
about different formats and different outputs for different uses. (If
you usually use Final Cut we can pay for you to go on a short Avid
course. We can't change now as we have our 12 year back catalogue on
- Photos: Taking great shots, sorting them, manipulating in photoshop,
uploading to our website, sending to the press.
- Web: Updating our websites (the cms is Drupal), plus Facebook,
MySpace, YouTube blah blah.
- Writing: Everything from press releases and fundraising proposals to
webblogs and DVD box covers, all in our irreverent style.
- Design: Flyers (photoshop), press pack (quark or similar), pledge
forms, web widgets and on and on.
- Tech support: When things break, we mend them ourselves.

Useful skills:
- In-depth knowledge of climate change an enormous advantage.
- Experience in a small campaigning organisation and/or small
production company very handy.

Job Details:
- Contract: One year, full time
- Starting: 5th January 2009
- Salary: 27,000 UK pounds inc tax
- You don't need to own any equipment, though a fast mac laptop would
be very useful.

To apply:
- Send cover letter and CV to, along with:
-->> a mock-up e-flyer, including a question they have to answer, for
people to win tickets to the premiere of the film
-->> a mock-up press release announcing that Age of Stupid has been
nominated for an Oscar
- Deadline: 15th December
- Any questions, email Lizzie Gillett on
- Please don't call

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