Monday, December 22, 2008

Important message from the underground activist movement

Imagine a blank sheet of paper and you're considering ways of organising a political
movement. One that seeks to challenge and destroy capitalist class society. What
would that movement look like? Would it look anything like the one we have now, or
would it, could it, look different?

Does what we do at the moment work, when we are marginal, fragmented, and almost
invisible to the very people we seek to address?

Lets ask ourselves this question, "if our ideas are so brilliant, why are they so
irrelevant to the daily lives of most working class people?"

Once before, in Bradford in 1997, we asked these questions, and more, and although
ultimately nothing came of it (some will strongly disagree with this), being as we
are still more or less in the same position, some of us believe that we need to do
it again. To go back to basics and question everything that we say and do. And
hopefully we mean all of us - not just bits of our movement.

Can we generate the confidence that would change our ideas and the way we work with
each other? Can we generate the confidence that would play a small part in changing

To this end we propose to organise a conference sometime in 2009, that will be
organised in a creative manner, challenge assumptions, and any preconceived ideas we
have about each other. We hope it will break down rigid and ossified ways of
thinking and acting, to turn everything about our world upside down.

Some are suggesting this should be a London wide event. Some are suggesting it
should be a national event. The verdict is still out on this; as well as where in
the country it should be; how many days it should run over; and should it be an
annual event. These and many more questions about the event are still undecided.
This is why we want to have a large gathering of interested people to come and
discuss what we should be organising. But, this initial meeting is to decide
practical thing, and it is for people to take on helping organise the event - not
just a talking shop. It is not the conference itself. That will be a bit down the
line and needs a lot of though and organisation.

So, do you want to come and have a say about how the conference should be organised;
for who; where; and what format? Then come and discuss the ideas at Conway Hall, 25
Red Lion Square, London WC1 (nearest tube: Holborn). We have the small hall on the
ground floor from 1.30pm until 6pm (should we need it that long).

It is long over due for the lot of us to get together and talk through our politics
in a friendly atmosphere with no other pressing issues. This conference is for ALL
aspects of our movement and beyond.

For further information or any questions email us at:

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