Friday, December 05, 2008

Hunting back on?

With the possibility of a Tory victory in the 2010 general election
looming, repeal of the Hunting Act is a hot topic. Blatant illegal
hunting is carrying on around the country and with the police
claiming that they don't have the funds to enforce the ban, it could
be all go for hunting to be legalised again.

If you didn't already know David Cameron is a fox hunter, so it isn't
much surprise that he has stated that if he wins the next election he
will do all he can to repeal the act. Some say that this would be
impossible, but with a lot of highly placed and filthy rich people in
favour of hunting who knows?

Even if the repeal failed, the fact that the would-be prime minister
backs hunting means loopholes could be exploited and hunts will
surely take it as a green light to carry on killing.
So what can counter money and influence in high places? Well, old
fashioned back-to-its-roots sabbing, using actual direct action to
sabotage hunts instead of the cat and mouse antics with video cameras
currently employed by hunt monitors.

The next two years are going to be important in the hunting/sabbing
world - and hunts are now resorting to anti-harassment laws to get
injunctions placed on hunt sabs... er, monitors. So keep an eye out
for what happens next or just get yer boots on, get out there and
stop the chinless animal killers.

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