Monday, December 08, 2008

The elite

In the media elite people are portrayed as reasonable and nice people. I
wondered about the enthusiasm around the election of Obama, after Kennedy
the next American president who is elected because he wants "change". Did he
specify what he was going to change? No, just "I want change" and then he
surrounds himself with people from the old political establishment.

*Is he going to change that millions of (mostly black) petty criminals who
are languishing in American jails are being replaced by big criminals who
steal millions as the bankers who caused the financial crisis?*

Will he withdraw American troops from Iraq because the reason to invade Iraq
was fabricated by the government of his predecessor Bush?

Will he withdraw American troops from all these countries where the American
army has seven hundred military bases?

Of course not, the elite will continue (with or without servants as Obama)
to amass money at the cost of mass public and to send people in wars
where only the public and not the elite will die.

These elite people are not "nice and reasonable", they are driven by money and not
by the destiny of common people.

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