Friday, December 12, 2008

DVD distribution

Just a quick reminder about the opportunity to distribute your film on DVD and Video
On Demand via CreateSpace. With no upfront costs, you have nothing to lose and
everything to gain - making this program very popular. Respond to this offer and
get a free proof copy of your film, available for a limited time.

What is CreateSpace?
CreateSpace is an on-demand distribution platform, enabling filmmakers to make their
products available to potentially millions of customers on and other
channels without requiring an upfront investment. You start making money with your
first sale, and again with each subsequent sale. Your films will appear as in-stock
DVDs for sale on, as well as be available through other distribution
channels. They will also be eligible for possible email and/or online promotion as
part of the CreateSpace disc-on-demand program. Other great benefits:

* Membership and title set-up provided at no charge
* A Free UPC will be assigned if you do not already have one
* DVDs are produced when customers order, so there is no need for inventory and you
don't have to hassle with order fulfillment and customer service
* Your title becomes eligible for listing on
* DVDs can be made available as video downloads through Amazon Video On Demand
(formerly Unbox)
* Multi-disc set, multi-case collection, and combined DVD and CD set options are

How can I distribute through the CreateSpace program?
Just open a free CreateSpace account. With this account, you will be able to select
distribution options, track the sales of your film, and receive any payments you are
owed. You will be asked to submit some basic title information, upload artwork for
your DVD, and send in a copy of your film.

What is the relationship between Withoutabox and CreateSpace?
Withoutabox has made CreateSpace our preferred independent distribution partner.
Originally founded as CustomFlix Labs in 2002 and acquired by in 2005,
CreateSpace shares Withoutabox's mission of connecting filmmakers profitably to
their worldwide audience.

How do I get started?
To Create Your Free CreateSpace Account:
To Get More Details:

Or, login to Withoutabox at and look for "Distribute on DVD and
VOD" next to any film title on your Account Home Page:

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