Thursday, December 11, 2008

BBC policy on credits for use of our footage

Here is an odd one from the BBC

Undercurrents provided footage for a BBC panorama documentary about Open cast mining which was broadcast recently. The programme never gave us a credit for the use of our footage (but we will get paid).

When i asked Carl Johnston, the producer why we did not get a credit, he replied

'I'm afraid that generally it is not BBC policy to credit footage gleaned from other sources - unless there are exceptional circumstances.'

But he did offer some praise for our footage
'I thought the material you provided really helped. It was nicely shot and reflected
the events of the day very well indeed.Many thanks for all your help and please let me know if obtain any footage in the future that you think may be of intereest either to Panorama or BBC News.'

So I followed it up and challenged Carl about the BBC policy and got this further insight..

In the first instance, because we paid for the material, there is no obligation to credit footage unless specifically asked for. Only if the programme could not have been made without your contribution would we have been obliged to credit the footage during the end roller.

Sometimes credits are given at the time the footage is shown on screen - but only in exceptional circumstances. Some archive suppliers have strict guidelines about credits before they will even consider handing material over but in this instance that was not the case.I hope this clarifies the BBC position

So a case of you don't ask you don't get!

I will know next time

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