Monday, December 22, 2008

Banks and the strong arm tactics

In the mid-1800s Corporations were made into legal "person." What is the personality of that person today?

In the movie The Corporation- the filmmakers charts the development of the corporation as a legal entity from its origins as an institution chartered by governments to carry out specific public functions, to the rise of the vast modern institutions entitled to some of the legal rights of a person. They discover that the person would be in psychopathy, i.e. callous unconcern for the feelings of others, incapacity to maintain enduring relationships, reckless disregard for the safety of others, deceitfulness (repeated lying to and deceiving of others for profit), incapacity to experience guilt, and failure to conform to the social norms with respect to lawful behaviors.

This sums up the bankers of the world who have been going crazy like a crazed maniacs, spending and loaning to anyone without any thought for the outcome.
So if the system is nuts - are we just constantly finding ways to keep it under some kind of control to make sure that the 'right' people don't get hurt.

So from that thought i ask -is this how the system works?
Banks cause the credit mess we are in now.
Banks expect bailouts from the people (ie: Government= representative of the people)
Government/people tell banks - Yes we will bail you out but only if you agree lay off the strong arm tactics on the people.

That's what i hear when i read that the Irish Government has pumped 5.5bn Euros into saving the banks.

Newspaper quote
'In return, the three banks have agreed to provide more help to small businesses and individuals, and to give mortgage-holders more time if they fall behind in their repayments.

Bizzare that we are helping greedy people who exploit the poor when they need to but once the money is rolling in...doesn't want to know. Why are we putting our money with these bastards?

It’s no secret that banks and insurers are in business to make profits. One way they do this by taking your money and lending it to someone else at a higher rate of interest.But what they rarely tell you is who they lend it to.

With other banks and insurers, you have no say in where your money is invested and how these companies behave.

For example, your money could be loaned to companies involved in the fur trade. arms dealers who supply oppressive regimes, or multi-national companies with poor environmental records. And you wouldn’t know a thing about it.

Open up an ethical bank account. Look at the Cooperative Bank

We have to take the power back from the banking Nut jobs

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