Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Win a camera

FourDocs linked up with Passat earlier this year, who provided a fantastic
camera to Eva Weber, for her winning film Solitary Life of Cranes, in the
FourDocs Short Film Competition at BritDoc this year. They also want to
support another visionary director, and are offering 5k of camera
equipment to the person with the best online pitch for a documentary film.

You need to submit a visual clip up to 3 minutes which gives us an idea of
the longer film you want to make. You can make something like a taster
tape, introducing a character or scene, or you can do a photo montage and
explain the story, make a mood board or animate a few key moments against a
soundtrack. Just imagine that this is the only means you have available to
communicate what you want to do - the kind of film you are hoping to make
and what it might look like, so don't stick with talking heads!

You can pitch ANY KIND OF DOCUMENTARY FILM, any style, any subject matter,
set in any country. It must somehow be connected to the theme of
'Beautifully Engineered' though, and entries (with a link to the clip) must
be in by 6pm 28th November. The winner will get 5k to spend ON ANY CAMERA
they want. More info:

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