Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Suicides in Wales

Wales comes top in something at last!

On average, about 300 people die by suicide each year in Wales, a lower rate than in Scotland, but higher than England.However, while suicide rates in Scotland have fallen, they remain roughly the same in Wales.

Some 23 young people from the Bridgend area have apparently taken their own lives since the beginning of 2007.
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South Wales feels like a place of little hope for young people- i find that people with creative skills or talent tend to leave for London or Bristol. The assembly needs to get a grip and inspire people to stay by providing groups like undercurrents with funds to train and nuture talent to produce real social change.

After a spate of suicides, young people from Bridgend are hoping to convince journalists in London who covered the county's recent suicides to attend their youth council meeting.Since the start of 2007, 19 people under the age of 27 have apparently taken their own lives in the county.

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