Friday, November 21, 2008

Local paper ignores undercurrents festival

The local newspaper Evening Post South Wales likes to ignore our BeyondTv festival each year. This is the tiny report they have included this week..blink and you miss it.

Green Queen's team too big for their roots
Green campaigner Mo Green and her growing band of volunteers is championing a number of local good causes.But the Queen of Green and her team are getting a bit too big for their roots and are looking for a new home.

MOre Green, a community-focused micro organisation, is currently looking for unwanted sports kit to donate to those who can't afford.
But they are also launching a film, and taking part in an allotment project — and that is just for starters.

Operating from Western Street, Sandfields, a group of volunteers, fronted by Mo Green, is working harder than ever.The only thing now stopping MOre Green taking on more is space.

"We need a larger premises, we need a landlord with a heart," Mo said.

They are also in need of allotments nearer to their premises. At the moment, the only ones available are at Oystermouth Castle, Mumbles.The group have their fingers in a number of green pies.Their work includes collecting used furniture, clothes and books and finding them a new home with families and refugees in need.

"It can be anything from a teaspoon to a hospital bed," Mo said.
"The idea is to divert things that would have gone to landfill, and to work with the community."

And one of their main projects at present is their sports kit recycling scheme.Mo said: "We are working with Swansea Rugby Club to collect rugby shirts, socks, boots and then we send them to the poor in other countries."

Another project that has proved popular is their work at allotments.
"We do a variety of things, one of them is the allotments, where we teach nursery schools and volunteers how to grow things and connect with the environment.

"It is very much a community working project."

The volunteers of MOre Green are now looking forward to their next venture, which is launching a film at the Undercurrents film festival on Saturday, November 22, which shows their work.

The launch is at 3pm and is taking place at the Dylan Thomas Centre, Swansea.
For more information about the project, visit the website at

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