Saturday, October 04, 2008

TV agent

Undercurrents films are sold to TV by World renowned News & Documentary Distributor Journeyman Pictures. For the first time, making its vast catalogue of documentaries available to search, browse and enjoy in full resolution online.

The 250+ catalogue of feature documentaries from many of the worlds most
respected film-makers, can be previewed, individual films rented or the
entire catalogue unlocked for streaming from 2.50 a day.

Journeyman's Founder & Journalist Mark Stucke:
"We've been supplying the broadcast industry with quality documentaries
and news features for 20 years now, but we wanted to find a way to make
our library available online that still protected the rights and revenues
of our independent journalists some of whom are risking their lives to
film these reports.. and in the BooServer platform we think we've found
something that fits the bill.."

The documentaries are released on the new BooServer - Boolean Media
Network - which is 100% bespokeable & enables publishers & creators to
broadcast from their own pages on their own terms, selling subscriptions,
feeds & downloads - direct to their audience. (for more info see )

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