Thursday, October 23, 2008

Support your local Head shop!

If you like many many others enjoy relaxing with cannabis rather than the legal drug, (booze) in the evening, then you should take note of what the Police are doing. This week police have raided shops selling pipes, seeds and books about the herb. Is this just bluster or is there a national plan to shut down any shops supporting the herb?

My man on the inside said
'7 businesses raided in Lancashire (inc one wholesaler). Old bill want to charge them with incitement, have frozen their bank accounts and seized cash under the proceeds of crime act. Apparently this is being done with the sanction of No10. Shock waves through the industry, paranoia rife. Most of the business effected have closed down
with the wholesaler saying it looks like he will go bankrupt.'

"We are considering the status of head shops and, if necessary, will
introduce legislation on that. I absolutely agree with the hon.
Gentleman's points. I am told that, legally, action is difficult, but
we are considering the matter to try to find a way forward. We have
funded police guidance and have considered the policing of head shops.
Work is ongoing in that respect."

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