Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Money for your ideas

The hunt is on for rule-breaking, far-seeing producers and partners
who share 4iP's vision for re-inventing the way public service media
is developed, commissioned, funded and delivered in the UK.

What is the 4iP Fund?
4iP is an innovation fund to stimulate public service digital media
across the UK. In English, that means supporting great ideas for
websites, games and mobile services which help people improve their

The Fund is a collaboration between Channel 4 and a network of
partners across the UK.

C4 has committed up to £20 million to the 4iP fund on a pilot basis in
the three years after launch. It will also offer help in kind,
including cross-promotion, sales and administrative support.

C4's commitment has attracted provisional equivalent funding
commitments from partner organisations, to create an overall fund of
up to £50 million.

Digital media commissioning managers will be located across the UK,
with Ewan McIntosh in Glasgow covering Scotland and Northern Ireland.
Head of 4iP is Tom Loosemore, based in London.
When will the fund launch?

The idea was first mentioned at Channel 4's Next on 4 vision statement
in March 2008. Launch events take place in October 2008 in London
(October 15th), Glasgow (October 22nd) and Birmingham (October 24th).
The fund is currently taking proposals and will be fully operational
in January 2009 when dedicated staff are on board and all contract
agreements in place.

What sort of projects will you support?
4iP will help launch profit making as well as non-profit making
initiatives, and sometimes take equity

4iP will connect people and organisations who otherwise would never
get to work together

4iP will support a rich mix of ideas: early & risky; small & focused;
big & crunchy

4iP will help turn fabulous ideas into delightful running code. Quickly.

4iP will amplify existing products so they deliver way more impact

4iP won't support products on an ongoing basis

4iP will develop new talent across the UK

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