Monday, September 15, 2008

The world's 50 best walks

The world's 50 best walks
The world’s best treks, from a grade-one pub stroll right up to a grade-five yeti hunt

Here is one..
With the imminent return of The Prisoner to our television screens, Portmeirion will soon be back in the limelight. It’s the supreme monument to British eccentricity, a high-camp Italianate village assembled in the 1920s using abandoned monuments and bits of scrap statuary, painted in zany colours and tattooed onto a remote headland overlooking Cardigan Bay. A walk there is relentlessly enchanting. You can tunnel through 70 acres of exotic clifftop gardens to find bricolage temples and lighthouses, then blink out across the expanse of Black Rock Sands. Open daily; £7, children £3.50;

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