Monday, September 15, 2008

Tehran callling for your political films

PRESS TV is a Tehran-based English satellite news network that has started broadcasting internationally on eleven different broadcast satellites on a 24-hour basis in 2007.

The network plans to concentrate on important, influential and global issues and affairs that do not receive adequate coverage by mainstream media throughout the world and offer alternative viewpoints.

The critique of the monopolistic and manipulative approach of a number of powerful countries towards other nations, despite the existence of numerous problems in their own societies; concern over world peace because of interference by these hegemonic countries in the internal affairs of other states; and also concentration on issues of the Muslim World are but a few among many points of emphasis for PRESS TV.

PRESS TV broadcasts 365 hours of documentary programs annually of which half are produced by the network itself and half acquired through other sources.

PRESS TV's documentaries, pro­duced in all continents and many countries, try to reveal the truth with a different outlook to people around the world. Through these documentaries PRESS TV shows a different point of view on current affairs from the mainstream media.

PRESS TV is also interested in acquiring documentary programs. Since PRESS TV's main focus is on major issues occurring in the four corners of the world, current affairs of critical and analytic value that are also challenging for the viewers are high on the agenda of the network. The Documentary Acquisition Department calls on all film production and distributing companies to let us know if they have any programs of this kind.

Naturally, we at the Documentary Programs Department of the network would like to be in contact with directors, producers, distributors of documentary films and also program buyers all over the world.

PRESS TV Documentary Programs
6 East 2nd St.
24-Metri Blvd., Sa'adatabad
Tehran 1997766411
Tel: +98 21 23011 211
Fax: +98 21 23011 219

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