Thursday, September 11, 2008

Skateboard flick

by Shooter Paola Desiderio will be screened at the London Film
Festival on the 27th October 2008 @ 9.15 in NFT 1 as part of a
screening of shorts called: 'London Calling' .

Rolling On tells the story of a group of young skateboarders and
features the legendary Tony Hawk. It looks at skateboarding as a
viable alternative to guns , street crime and boredom.


ROLLING ON is a film about Skateboarding, hard work and perseverance.
The film tells the story of a group of young people who regularly
meet at Finsbury Park skate-park. Its main narrative is given by an
interview with legendary skateboarding champion Tony Hawk, in which
he tells the story of his first rolling steps into the world of
skateboarding and how much skateboarding contributed to changing his
life from bullied shy boy and outsider to revered professional
skateboarding champion and video game character. The film will draw a
parallel between the lives of the young skateboarders in Haringey and
their hero and hopefully will prove very inspirational among viewers.
The film will touch on themes such as bulling at school, social
barriers and prejudice, as well as investigating weather
skateboarding could offer a viable alternative to gun and street
crime and boredom.


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