Tuesday, September 23, 2008

On the Push showing in Plymouth

On the Push – A Surfer’s Guide to Climate Change (75 min documentary)


Award-winning British Filmmaker Anne Gallagher will be joined by the surfing community at the English Premier of her latest film ‘On the Push’ at the Jill Craigie Cinema, University of Plymouth this coming Friday, 26th September 2008.
Funded by the Film Agency for Wales, ‘On the Push’ is produced by Undercurrents Productions and tells the story of Anne, an ordinary surfer girl from Wales, who becomes an eco-activist. The film follow Anne's journey from Porthcawl to Cornwall, Spain and Switzerland as she learns about the serious threat of climate change- and how a surfer can help protect the marine environment.
Filmed on the Welsh coast, Cornwall and Spain, the eco-surf film highlights the hundreds of bathing beaches that have been contaminated with increased levels of sewage as the wet summer increases pressure on water treatment systems and forces millions of extra litres of toxic waste to be pumped into the sea.
The aim of Anne and her team was to raise the profile of the problems faced by surfers in Wales due to increased water pollution following summer floods. She said: “Increased rainfall has a massive impact on sewage systems. This year, Environment Agency tests have identified an increase in coliform bacteria-which are abundant in human and animal faeces- at 310 testing sites. This bacteria leaves surfers exposed to gastroenteritis and vomiting. “

In On the Push Chris Hines, founder of Surfers Against Sewage and recent MBE, agrees that climate change is an issue that everyone should be engaging with. “Climate change is a huge challenge for us all, but we’re an incredibly resourceful species. We can solve it, we just need to get together and do it.”

Despite issues with potential water pollution, On the Push is still encouraging surfers to enjoy local beaches. At a time when environmentalists are discouraging flying and the credit crunch squeezes family budgets, more people are looking to holiday in the UK and beach quality is paramount.

Made by award-winning activist filmmakers Undercurrents, and funded by Artists Project Earth and The Wales Film Agency, On the Push will have its first English screening at the University Plymouth before going on to Cornwall in October. For details of these events and information of how to get involved and set up your own surf cinema- visit www.onthepush.org.


Note for editors:
On the Push (running time 70 mins) director Helen iles, presenter Anne Gallagher, produced by Undercurrents Productions, Swansea.

Pics, interviews with Director and Presenter ring Helen iles 07970 161886 or Anne Gallagher 07886683403.

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