Monday, September 15, 2008

Four eyes monster

Arin Crumley's and Susan Buice's much-admired internet project Four Eyed
Monsters has now been released on DVD. The first feature length movie to
be uploaded to YouTube in its entirety, for a period of two months in
2007, this milestone event caused the blog-o-sphere to erupt and instantly
made the film an internet cult classic.

In addition to the feature, the DVD includes thirteen video podcasts,
which were created as an extension to the story and which follow the
journey of the filmmakers from when the film first was accepted to the
Slamdance Film Festival, through to their various efforts to
self-distribute the film in the United States. The package is also
complimented by the wonderful soundtrack, which includes some of the best
up-and-coming indie bands in the US, alongside such recognizable names as
The Brian Jonestown Massacre and The Spinto Band.

Our friends over at Dogwoof have kindly agreed to give away three copies
of the DVD / CD package to the first correct replies to the following
question: What was the name of the recent documentary which charted the
fortunes of The Brian Jonestown Massacre? Please send your answers to

Arin Crumley will be speaking at this year's Power to the Pixel conference
at the London film Festival:

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