Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Broadband use in UK

According to the Office of National Statistics, 35% of UK households do not have internet access.

Some 1.48 million (9%) of UK households which have net access use a dial-up connection despite the fact that most could get broadband if they wanted.
Broadband speeds around Britain

A recent report from consumer group BroadbandChoices found that the cheapest dial-up connection costs £175.89 (AOL Anytime)in the first year compared with £89.97 (TalkTalk) for broadband.

"That's a price difference of nearly 100%," said Michael Phillips, product director of BroadbandChoices.

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Andrew said...

Hello Paul! I thought you might be interested in this article about broadband use in Japan.

Japan tops world broadband study

Only Japan has the broadband quality to cope with next-generation internet applications, a new study has revealed.